B.P.A.I.D. Module 4.6

Module 4.6: Market Sizing

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1. Estimate the size your market and reach using statistics and your best judgement.

Individual Market Size Organization Market Size
Total # in the world 7,000,000,000 People ??? Firms
Total # in the US 314,000,000 People 28,000,000 Firms
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1. How many of those are there?
i.e. number of 25-40 males in US with college education
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2. How many are aware of me right now?
i.e. unique visits to website
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3. How many who are aware of me trust me?
i.e. Facebook fans + subscribers to blog
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4. How many of those who trust me can pay my price? i.e. number of open leads Please login. Please login.
5. How many of those who trust me are willing to pay my price? i.e. number of open contracts/deals Please login. Please login.
6. How many do I have the capacity to serve right now? i.e. number of clients at full capacity Please login. Please login.
7. How many am I serving right now?
i.e. number of current clients
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2. Put supporting research and stats for your numbers here:

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